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    We are pleased to present to the world a new joint edition of sneakers AFOUR x CIAY - SkyFighter 2 in color Desert storm. In contrast to previous editions summer shoes are made with lightweight lining made of textile and leather. The top is made of genuine suede and textile with a camouflage print "Desert Storm", and the fuselage is decorated with shark jaws.

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    We are glad to present a limited collection of festival brogues created specifically for concept store Nevalenki

Выбирайте модели обуви AFOUR Custom


The best models of AFOUR footwear are made by hand with love from materials of the leading European manufacturers

Создавайте обувь по собственному дизайну


Now you can not only choose your favorite pair of shoes, but also create your own design to order!

Совершенствуйте свою обувь уникальными апгрейдами от AFOUR


Use our capabilities fully - add upgrades, quilted leather, embossing or thermal printing. Make your shoes unique!

Возможность создать обувь - будет оригинальным подарком вашему близкому

Give gifts

What can be more pleasant than giving gifts - only to give opportunities. Treat your loved the opportunity to create shoes of their dreams!


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